About Kilias

I was born in 1965 and since 1970 I have lived in Warsaw. After graduating from high school I entered the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University. I have been working at the same Institute since 1991, at present I am an associate professor. I earned my PhD degree under the supervision of professor Jerzy J. Wiatr. The other important person who contributed to my professional development was professor Joanna Kurczewska, Insitute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Another person who I was considerably influenced by, not only intellectually – was the late professor Miloslav Petrusek from the Charles University, Prague.

Besides working at the Warsaw University, in the years 1998-2006 I lectured at the Higher School for Economy and Administration (WSEiA) in Kielce, in the 2006-2009 period I worked as a professor at The University of Arts and Sciences (WSU im. S. Staszica) in Kielce (2006-2009) and in the academic year 2010-2011 I taught at the Higher School of Trade in Łódź (2010-2011). I also used to teach at the Historical Sociology Department at the Charles University in Prague.

It may be added that the summer and autumn of the year 2000 I spent as the Junior Visiting Fellow of the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna).

In the years 2004-2008 I was a member, and in 2005-2008 period a Vice-President of the Council of Warsaw Section of the Polish Sociological Association. Since June 2013 I have been a member of the General Council and treasurer of the Association. I also belong to the International Sociological Association, and since 2014 I am a member of the Steering Committe of the ISA Research Committee on History of Sociology (RC08).

I belong to editorial boards of Polish Sociological Review, Roczniki Historii Socjologii and Historická sociologie - Historical Sociology journals.


At the beginning of my academic career most of my research dealt with Czech affairs. My first individual project was a research on the history of the Czech nationalism, which resulted in my PhD thesis, published under the title Naród a idea narodowa: nacjonalizm T.G. Masaryka ("Nation and National Idea: T.G. Masaryk’s Nationalism", 1998). The subsequent project was an enquiry into the history of Czech sociological concepts of nation – in a sense a continuation of the previous work. The main outcome of that research was a book entitled Narodowość jako problem naukowy ("Nationality as a Scientific Problem", 2000). The last publication in a series of works on nation and nationalism was a more theoretical and strictly sociological book that dealt not only with the Czech, but also with other Central European nations. It was entitled Wspólnota abstrakcyjna. Zarys socjologii narodu ("Abstract Community. An Outline of a Sociology of Nation", 2004). After publishing it, I devoted most of my time to sociology itself, and my main field of interest was the area between history of sociology, especially its institutional history and the sociology of sociological thought. The last result of my research published so far is the book Jak socjologowie opowiadali o socjologii ("How Sociologists Were Narrating Sociology") which comprises two studies. The first of them deals with Polish sociology textbooks from the 1960s, while the second is the history of Polish and Czech narratives on the history of classical sociology.

Apart from the above mentioned individual undertakings, I took active part in various research activities within the Political Sociology Department, Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University, such as the study of government elites of the III Polish Republic, and the research projects on citizenship and recently - on the contemporary state. In addition, I have been writing and publishing smaller texts on sociology of nation, political sociology, and the history of social science.

My current research interests include above all history of sociology, and especially the history of Polish sociology of the 1960s. Recently I have published a few texts that analyse the position and role played by the local social science in the world sociology. At present I am working on a book monograph on that issue.


At the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University, I have taught various courses on nationalism, war and military sociology, social studies of science, history and sociology of sociology, as well as on social memory. In the academic year 2015/2016 I held two seminars in English: War, Politics and Military in Sociological Perspective and Nations and States in Comparative Perspective. Together with Marcin Darmas I also taught a class on Pamięć, tożsamość narodowa i polityka: doświadczenie pierwszej wojny światowej w oczach kina. Furthermore, together with Przemysław Sadura and Wojciech Rafałowski we held a proseminar and I taught classes on Academic Work Techniques.

Apart from the courses I have at my own Institute of Sociology, I lecture general sociology at the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies, Warsaw University.